Welcome to the Interaction Design Methods course

IFI7156 Interaction Design Methods is a compulsory course in the Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments (IMKE) master’s program in Tallinn University. The course is provided for the first time in spring term 2013.

IMKE master program that was originally opened in 2006 was redesigned in 2012. The curriculum has shifted focus from new media towards human computer interaction. New compulsory courses include Foundations of Human Computer Interaction, Evaluating the User Experience, and Interaction Design Methods.

This course is based on the Interface and Interaction Design course that was provided in 2008-2012. The course has been redesigned according to the changes in the IMKE curriculum. The amount of credits has been increased to 5 ECTS and additional assignments have been included in the group work. However, the number of contact lessons has been decreased.

First meeting of the course will take place on Saturday 26.01 at 16.00 in room A-428. More information about the course is available in this website and in course program (PDF).


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