First meeting

Thank you all for coming today. There were 11 of you present today and one more student has signed up to the course in ÕIS. In order to start with the group work next time you should form groups and complete the first three assignments:

There is also one individual assignment that you should complete between 04.02-10.02 — commenting the project ideas.

I shared out a folder in Dropbox with some additional readings. You should have received an e-mail about that. You can also find e-mail addresses of other students from Dropbox. Open the Shared folder options pop-up window and move your cursor over the gear wheel icon.

IMKE students know each other but some other students don’t. If you need help with finding the group members, then please leave a comment under this post.

If you have not yet registered to the course, then please do it before 04.02 in ÕIS. If somebody else is interested in joining the course, then it is not late yet. New students who join the course should contact me to get assistance in finding the group and access to Dropbox folder.


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