Monthly Archives: May 2013

Wrapping up the course

Today is the final meeting of our course. I have graded the group assignments that you have done so far. I will send the points and comments to group members by e-mail. I have not yet graded the individual assignments. Some of the individual assignments seem to be missing, so please give feedback to other projects if you haven’t yet.

There are a few more things to do before we can complete the course:

I will grade the last assignments after May 20th. If there is something missing, then I will contact you by e-mail.

Unfortunately we had to cancel one meeting and therefore we do not have time to do the final presentations. The discussion of your first UI prototypes will count as a final presentation for this course. However, you are welcome to present your project in the e-Vent demo day. In case of interest, please submit your presentation proposal by Monday 06.05.

All in all, I think that you have done a lot of work during the limited amount of time that we had for this course. I hope that you all experienced how these design methods help to clarify the product and interaction design inside the design team and with other people.