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First meeting and first assignments

Thank you for the first meeting today. I will post a quick summary of the meeting and tasks that you should do before our next meeting. At first I introduced the structure and requirements of the course and had a very brief introduction to interaction design. You may find the slides from SlideShare:

After that the students discussed about possible ideas for group projects and presented their ideas.

Those students who formed groups should set up a group blog (see assignment GA 1.1) and post their project idea into the blog (assignment GA 1.2). Those who did not find a group today but have an idea about the possible design project should post the idea to their personal blog (follow assignment GA 1.2). Please send the blog addresses to me by Sunday 02.02.

On Monday I will post here all the blog addresses that I have received.

At the end of the meeting we had a short presentation about the contextual inquiry phase:

From this presentation you should turn more attention to the literature review and competitive analysis. These are the methods that you will use for assignment GA 1.3.

For the next week you have one individual assignment and one group assignment. The individual assignment IA 1 is about giving feedback to the project ideas. Please post your comments both to group projects and initial ideas from single students by Sunday 09.02.

The group assignment GA 1.3 is about contextual inquiry. Please start with this assignment only if you have formed a group. Those students who are alone should try to find partners and agree on a common project idea before starting with the contextual inquiry. In case of problems please contact me ( and I will assist you in finding or forming a group. Please post the summary of contextual inquiry to your group blog by Tuesday 11.02.

We use Dropbox to share course readings. Those of you who were missing today, please send me the e-mail address that you use for Dropbox account. I will then share the course folder with you. I can recommend you the following readings:

  • Cooper, A., Reimann, R., & Cronin, D. (2007). Understanding Users: Qualitative Research. In: About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design (pp. 49–73). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing, Inc.
  • Leinonen, T., Toikkanen, T., & Silvfast, K. (2008). Software as Hypothesis: Research-Based Design Methodology. In: Proceedings of the Tenth Anniversary Conference on Participatory Design 2008 (pp. 61–70). Indianapolis, IN: Indiana University.

The first one is a book chapter about qualitative research methods that could be used in the contextual inquiry phase. The second article explains the four-phase research-based design model that this course is based on.

See you on Thursday 13.02!


Interaction Design Methods 2014

The Interaction Design Methods course will run for the second time in 2014. This year it is part of the new Human-Computer Interaction master’s program in Tallinn University. Our first meeting will take place on January 30th, but it is still possible to enroll until February 3rd. Detailed information about course topics and requirements can be found from this web site and course program (PDF).