Update on group projects

I am currently in the process of commenting your project ideas. This post is a short update on the current status of the projects. I have received 11 project ideas:

All of the proposed project ideas are relevant and accepted for this course, although some of the projects are quite large. In this case you will focus on a smaller subset of the project in later design phases.

There are still three participants who do not have a project idea. I suggest that you should join some of the existing groups, preferrably those with just one member. I will contact you via e-mail about this.

11 group projects is much more than I expected for this course. Last year we had only three projects. I suggest that it is enough for individual assignment 1 if you write meaningful feedback to only these 5 projects that provoked most thoughts in your head. I will edit the individual assignment 1.


2 thoughts on “Update on group projects

  1. Irina

    I would like to comment on the project idea by Kristi (http://indisainer.tumblr.com/post/75390199465/people-feel-like-visitors-in-forest), but unfortunately I couldn’t do it there on tumblr, so I hope it is ok to do it here.

    In my opinion, it is quite an original idea to create a mobile application that would serve as a forest guide. Personally for me it would be curious to try out this app in action. Estonia is rich of forests, and people often like to go there camping, or just for a walk or on a picnic, or berry/mushroom picking. Having such app in phone would add new experience to visiting a forest. For example, it can contain information not only about herbs and berries, but also mushrooms, so that people would know which ones are edible and which are toxic, to avoid poisoning.

    If the application is intended to have user database, meaning everyone can register and create an account in the system, this would further expand the app’s possibilities. The project is said to be partly in collaboration with Estonian’s forest management center, so perhaps if users would share their findings in the system (e.g. garbage piles or other environmental pollutions, illegal campfires), this would help the organisation in forest preservation.


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