How to follow blogs more effectively

You have been very active this week in giving feedback to other groups. As there are 11 project blogs in addition to my course blog, it takes some effort to follow the blogs. I have set up two different online tools that should help you in that.

Netvibes is personalized web dashboard. I have created a shared dashboard where you can follow blog posts in one tab and comments in another tab:

EduFeedr is a small prototype that I have developed together with my colleagues for supporting the coordination of blog-based courses. It is more suitable for courses where all learners use their personal blog and only one assignment takes place at a time. In our course I don’t use EduFeedr for managing assignments, but only for aggregating blog posts and comments. The course feed page shows 10 most recent blog posts and comments:

Those of you who prefer to use their personal RSS feed reader can download OPML files from EduFeedr’s participants page. OPML files enable you to subscribe to all course blogs and all comment feeds at once using Feedly or some other RSS feed reader.


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