Scenarios are waiting for your comments

Almost all groups have completed their scenarios. I will write a one blog post that contains links to all scenarios. As an individual assignment 2 each one of you has to choose one groups and give feedback to their scenarios. Please choose groups so that every project will get some feedback.

Sustain IT (Arman, Tea, Ülleli)

  1. Need for consensual choices
  2. Informed and concerted choices
  3. Improved performance for teachers
  4. Minimalistic Design for Students
  5. Informed Development Choices

Project ESTER (Kärt, Jane, Irina)

  1. Browsing course lists and entering waiting lists
  2. Searching for books and adding books to course lists
  3. Browsing for books and their location in the library

Children from Above (Antra, Eduardo, Gabriel)

  1. Joe’s first experience with Children from Above
  2. Joe reads through a whole side of the Prism
  3. Victoria explores the interface

Inside the Tribal Experience (Nansy, Astra, Kadri-Liis)

  1. Estonian patriot/fan who discovers the experience
  2. Persona 4. (Andreas)
  3. Persona 5. (Madis)
  4. Persona William (young traveler)

Reuse before Recycle (Jinesh, Kadri, George)

  1. Actor – Triin
  2. Actor – Martin
  3. Actor – Eero (David, Marcel)

  1. Finding friends
  2. Good place to eat
  3. Find best places
  4. Get your pub known on to keep clients happy and make your business better

Smart Shopping Service (Taavi, Sofio)

  1. Fast shopping
  2. Easy usability
  3. Updating the shopping list
  4. Flexible shopping

Don’t waste food (Sandra, Ott)

  1. The situation now with food waste and how we can reduce it
  2. Explanation on how to donate food
  3. The path of the bicyle currier
  4. Process of how parties agree to pick up food
  5. Virtual gratification in the social media
  6. How the food gets to the needy

Dippler learning analytics (Stina)

  1. Teacher analyzes students with Dippler learning analytics
  2. Learning analytics gives advice
  3. Dippler learning analytics helps to renew the curriculum

Certificate module for LMS (Tuuli)

  1. Finding the necessary training data with one search
  2. Completing the course with participant’s confirmation

Most of the groups managed to write quite good scenarios. I will try to write detailed comments under your scenarios in the coming days. One comment for several groups: the title of the scenario is also important. Readers should get basic idea immediately from reading the title. Scenarios from Project ESTER and Dippler learning analytics are examples of good titles.

Please try to give feedback to the scenarios in the coming days. Then groups can use your feedback for writing the summary and creating the concept map.


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