Fourth meeting and paper prototyping

On the fourth meeting we focused on two methods that come after scenario-based design: user stories and paper prototypes. Presentations and links to additional readings are here:

In the next meeting we are going to test the paper prototypes of your systems. Developing a complete paper prototype takes too much time, therefore you should think about three testing tasks and compose only these user stories and paper prototype elements that are required for completing these three testing tasks. The assignments for the next time are specified here:

Our next meeting will take place again in T-412 on Thursday 27.03 at 12.00-15.00. We are going to spend the whole meeting on testing paper prototypes. For individual assignment 3 each one of you has to test paper prototype from one group. I want to test paper prototypes from all groups. This means, that each paper prototype will be tested by 3 or 4 people. For the testing the group needs three persons (one facilitating the testing, second acting as a computer and third person recording the session). So smaller groups would need helping hands from other groups.


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