Project ideas 2015

Please post your project ideas as comments to this post (including names of group members, link to group blog, other relevant URL’s).


17 thoughts on “Project ideas 2015

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  2. adrianasandum

    My project idea is called Personal Museum. The blog used as an online research tool for this project is

    The web-platform should act as an extension for and it should be connected with; the main idea and purpose would be to offer a tool for personalising history through personal stories of personal objects;

    Background info: I’m working for this project Raiko Suits; we are developing two extensions for the project Personal Museum: web-platform and alternate reality game; we are in the developing phase and we are currently looking for a graphic designer;

  3. Jaanika

    Our idea is to design an app for learning traffic signs.
    The problem we want to solve is that the signs tend to be difficult to learn for the learner drivers and even experienced drivers sometimes mix them up.

    We will have the project blog up soon, I will post the link to it as soon as I have it.

    Group members:
    Marleen Moss
    Lorenzo Di Stasi
    Jaanika Hirv

  4. Nele

    I´m student of Information Technology Management and would be glad to join some group where is room for one more participant.

  5. mariamedinatu

    Esensorics is a cloud based service that allows to organize, carry out and analyze degustations and sensory panels with minimal effort. Generating reports has never been easier.

    Group blog:

    Group members:
    Marieh Sayadchi
    Kadri-Maria Mitt
    Erkki Saarniit
    Sofio Giorgadze
    Maria Angelica Medina Angarita

  6. romilrobtsenkov

    Web based application for creating lesson scenarios.

    Application is making easier for teachers to create/modify/share different type of lesson scenarios: flipped classroom, project based learning, task-based learning, game-based learning etc.

    For this course, there is only me working on this project now and I am doing this as a part for my thesis.

  7. yangyiyang33


    The LearnMixer is a service that is to improve the educational process in Estonia. The main goal is to re-desigh the e-textbook since the usage of paper books in Estonia will be replaced with digital books and electronic devices. Our challenge is to design and develop a tablet or mobile application for students 7-11 years old.

    Group member:
    Vita Krainik,
    Kensuke Shimode,
    Khwaja Umair Subhani,
    Yiyang Yang,
    Lütfü Cagatay Agca

    Group blog:


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