First meeting and next steps

It was nice to meet all of you today. Introduction slides about the course are now in SlideShare.

The other two presentations together with references to additional readings are in the learning resources section of this blog:

Before the next meeting you shoud do the following things:

  1. Form groups and post your project idea under the previous post. You should also comment this post if you are looking for a group to participate in or need additional members to form a group around your project idea.
  2. Set up a group blog for your project and let me know the blog URL. NB! Please choose a blogging platform that supports commenting (WordPress, Blogger), not Tumblr.
  3. If you are not taking the IFI7156 Evaluating the User Experience course, then please do the optional assignment OA1 Contextual inquiry.
  4. Create personas for your project and post them as PDF files to your group blog (GA 1.1 Creating personas).

Please start with forming groups and setting group blogs as soon as possible. The deadline for posting the personas is February 8th.

If you need assistance with forming groups and coming up with project ideas, pleas contact me by e-mail ( If needed, I can arrange a short meeting next week to find a suitable project idea.

I will send you the access to the Dropbox folder where you will find course readings on Monday.


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