Update on group projects

Enrollment to the courses ended on Monday. This year we will have 27 participants:

  • 9 students from the HCI master’s programme
  • 10 Erasmus exchange students
  • 5 students from BFM
  • 1 master student from IT management
  • 1 master student from educational technology
  • 1 master student from teacher of informatics

Several groups have already posted their project idea and set up a group blog. I also received information about group projects in IFI7154, IFI7155 and IFI7157. At the moment we should have the following group projects:

Maria Angelica Medina Angarita, Kadri-Maria Mitt, Erkki Saarniit, Marieh Sayadchi

Mushroom Hunting
Peter Szabo, Roger Puks, Ekaterina Shafeeva

Personal Museum
Adriana Sandu, Kadri Penjam, Miikka Tuomo Tapio Mäkitalo, Reigo Kimmel

Traffic Signs
Lorenzo Sabino Di Stasi, Marleen Moss, Jaanika Hirv, Nele Piir

Vita Krainik, Kensuke Shimode, Khwaja Umair Subhani, Yiyang Yang, Lütfü Cagatay Agca

QR Code Printer
Martin Orava, Ezgi Yamac

Vitalii Lakusta, Bayram Yoldas, Alise Semjonova, Alena Akhramenka

Learnmix Scenario Builder
Romil Rõbtšenkov

If there are changes to this, then please let me know.


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