Final assignments and presentations

Today I had a quick meeting with some of you during Marek’s course. We agreed on the following things:

  • You will post some screenshots about the final UI design of your application to your project blog by Monday 09.05.
  • If you need feedback from me, feel free to contact me any time and we can arrange meeting or I can send you some written comments.
  • We are going to cancel individual assignment IA 2 Commenting the user interface prototypes. The prototypes were still in quite early phase and there is not enough time for commenting these, if we want to be done with the course by 12.05. You should better spend time on actual work with your prototypes.

The format of final presentations on 12.05 is 7+5 minutes (7 minutes for the presentation, 5 minutes for the discussion). About half of the presentation should cover different phases of the design process (personas, scenarios, user stories, paper prototypes) and the other half should focus on the final UI prototype.

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