GA 2.2 Scenario-based design session

Group Assignment 2.2

Organize a design session following these guidelines to gather feedback to the scenarios.


  • One member from the design team will lead the design session (other team members should not be present in the design session)
  • 2…3 people who belong to the target group of the designed system


  • Printed copies of each scenario without questions (one copy for each participant)
  • One printed copy of each scenario with questions (for the designer)
  • Pens and papers for visualizing design ideas and taking notes
  • Digital audio recorder (smartphone should be fine)

Space: quiet and private space with chairs and tabels for writing and possible drawing

Time: 1…2 hours


  1. Introduce yourself and your design project shortly.
  2. Explain that the session is organized to gather feedback to short stories that present early design ideas.
  3. Ask permission to take audio recording of the design session. Start the recording.
  4. Give the first scenario to the participants (one copy for each) and let them read it through.
  5. Discuss the scenarios based on the prepared questions. You don’t have to follow the questions strictly, they are for starting the discussion.
  6. Repeat this process with all other scenarios.

Documenting the design session:

  • Write a short summary of the design session where you list feedback for each scenario.
  • DO NOT publish the audio recording.

Due date: 28.02.2016

Grading criteria:

  • Design session summary contains basic data about the design session (date, duration, name of the designer, some anonymous info about the participants)
  • Design session summary contains discussed topics and ideas, grouped by scenarios
  • Privacy of the participants is protected (no names, no audio recording)

Max points: 5


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