GA 1.1 Creating personas

Group Assignment 1.1

Based on the results of contextual inquiry, create a set of personas for your project idea:

  1. Prepare a list of persona that contains persona type, gender, age, and list of goals for each persona.
  2. Choose the 3…5 most important persona types and create detailed personas about them. Each group member should prepare at least one persona.
  3. Publish list of personas and detailed personas in your blog. Include A4 size PDF with each persona.

Due date: 14.02.2016

Grading criteria:

  • personas cover all main target groups;
  • each persona has 2…4 goals that do not overlap with other personas’ goals;
  • each persona has a name and a realistic photo;
  • each persona has a realistic background info (age, gender, computer skills, interests, etc);
  • persona type is included on each persona page (primary, secondary, etc);
  • layout and design of personas;
  • legal use of images.

Max points: 10


20 thoughts on “GA 1.1 Creating personas

  1. darjaimke

    Here are the personas for “Lightweight ÕIS app” project:
    Primary persona, Silver Tamm.
    Secondary persona, Donna Paulsen.
    Supplementary persona I. Oscar.
    Supplementary persona II. Anto Wassermann.

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  6. Erkki

    Personas for Esonsorics group are posted to our blog
    Each persona also has a separate link:
    Persona 1:
    Persona 2:
    Persona 3:
    Persona 4:
    Persona 5:
    Persona 6:

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