GA 2.1 Writing scenarios

Group Assignment 2.1

Write a set of scenarios for your project idea:

  1. Use personas and their goals as a starting point.
  2. Discuss the most typical usage scenarios and their order. Start with a scenario that is describing the problem.
  3. Each group member should write one scenario.
  4. Add 3…6 questions to each scenario.
  5. Publish each scenario as a separate blog post in your blog.

Due date: 21.02.2016

Grading criteria:

  • scenarios are based on personas and their goals;
  • scenarios can be understood without knowing the personas and contextual inquiry study;
  • scenarios have appropriate length;
  • scenarios have 3…6 relevant questions;
  • scenarios are numbered in a logical order;
  • each scenario has a title that summarizes the scenarion.

Max points: 10


20 thoughts on “GA 2.1 Writing scenarios

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  4. nelepiir

    Scenarios for Traffic Signs group


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