OA 1 Contextual inquiry

Optional Assignment 1

This is an optional assignment for students who do not take the IFI7157 Practice and IFI7155 Evaluating the User Experience courses.

Carry out a short contextual inquiry about your project domain. Summarize your findings as a blog post. Prepare to present your findings shortly (5 min). Focus on the following:


  • Why have you chosen this project idea?
  • Do you have a personal connection to the field?
  • How long have you been involved?
  • Do you have a chance to contact stakeholders, subject matter experts and/or possible users for this design project?


  • Did you find any useful literature about your project domain?
  • Summarize key findings.
  • Do the findings support your initial problem?

Competitive review:

  • Do you know any similar systems in Estonia and in abroad?
  • Choose 2…4 similar systems for comparison.
  • Take screenshots.
  • How are they similar to your project idea?
  • How are they different from your project idea?
  • What are the main strengths of each system?
  • What are the main weaknesses of each system?
  • If you prepare presentation slides about the competitive review, then please upload your slides to the web and embed to your blog post (SlideShare, Scribd, Google Docs).

Due date: 14.02.2016

Grading criteria:

  • usefulness of the findings;
  • presentation of the competitive review.

Recommended amount of work: 5 hours for each group member

Max points: 5 (extra points)


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