Presentation slides from the first meeting

You can find presentation slides from the first meeting in SlideShare.

Introduction to the course:

Introduction to Interaction Design:

Contextual Inquiry and Personas in Interaction Design:


Project ideas 2016

Please post your project ideas as comments to this post (including project name, names of group members, link to group blog, other relevant URL’s).

From the HCI integrated courses, we should have four projects:

  • Advanced Jukebox (3 members)
  • iBeacon Navigation (4 members)
  • Giraffe Experience (5 members)
  • Cool Game Idea (3 members)

Interaction Design Methods course 2016

IFI7156.DT Interaction Design Methods course 2016 will start on Friday 05.02. Course blog has been updated with the schedule and assignments for 2016. Detailed course programme (PDF) is available at the TLU School of Digital Technologies web site. Learning resources in the course blog will be updated before the lectures.

Registration to the courses is open through the study information system ÕIS until 08.02. If somebody outside HCI master programme is interested in taking the course, you are welcome to the first lecture on 05.02 at 15.00-16.30 in room A-303. In case of questions, feel free to contact me at

Exam and final grades

I have now graded all your group projects and individual assignment. I will send you the results by e-mail.

Please do not forget to sign up for the exam through ÕIS. The exam date is May 18th. There is no face-to-face exam. You will receive the exam grade based on the work done during the course.

Thank you for your interesting projects!

Feedback to user interface prototypes

During our meeting last Friday I gave feedback to the groups that have already published their user interface prototypes. Before our next meeting you have one group assignment and one individual assignment. Group assignment is to continue developing the user interface prototypes based on the feedback. Individual assignment is about commenting the user interface prototypes of one group. Please post screenshots of improved UI prototypes by 19.04, then other students can comment before our next meeting.


User interface prototyping

Today we are going to work on high fidelity user interface prototypes. This presentation will point out some of the possible prototyping tools. There are many more tools, so please feel free to share your preferences under the comments.

For the next time, your task is to develop the first version of UI prototypes for some of the most important screens of your application:
GA 5.1 Developing the user interface prototype (due date 05.04.2015)

Summary of paper prototyping week

I haven’t yet posted summary of our lessons this week. Despite limited time, all groups managed to create their paper prototypes. Before the next meeting you have to complete two assignments:

Most of the groups have already posted their testing tasks and several groups have also posted their paper prototypes (Esensorics, LearnMixer, QR-code printer).

You should test your paper prototypes with at least four people. Even if you had four test persons already on Friday in our lesson, I suggest you to test your paper prototypes also with your clients / stakeholders. You will get valuable feedback from them.