Study Guide

Organization of the course:
The course is provided in mixed mode where contact lessons are combined with independent work. Contact lessons are organized as a workshop where students work on interaction design projects (26 hours). Theoretical topics are presented as short lectures.

Independent work is divided into three parts:

  • work on a group project (approximately 80 hours);
  • work on individual assignments (approximately 8 hours);
  • work on literature (approximately 16 hours).

Course is assessed with an exam. Exam grade is based on the points of assignments done during the course:

  • interaction design project done as a group assignment (90%);
  • individual assignments (10%).

80% of attendance is required. We have very few contact lessons for 5 ECTS hands on course, so please try to attend all lessons.

Due dates:
It is important to do things on time. All assignments depend on the completion of previous assignment. In case of late submissions the points are lowered 1 point per week.

Additional information:

Course program 2016 (PDF)

Course programs of previous years:


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